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Tolsta Chaolais (Tolastadh à Chaolais) is a crofting village on the Isle of Lewis, Scotland. It consists of about forty houses, clustered around Loch à Bhaile, about a mile from the A858 road, between Callanish and Carloway.

The name has a Norse element, Tolsta, combined with a Gaelic element, Caolas, and means “Farm by the Strait“.

Recognised as one of the prettiest villages on the island, Tolsta Chaolais is nestled between a sea loch, Loch Roag, and a freshwater loch, Loch A Bhaile.

Tolsta Chaolais

This traditional crofting village, where croft animals and livestock roam freely, provides an ideal base for immersing in island life and touring Lewis and Harris.

Highland Cattle
Highland Cattle
Hen Gate
Hen Gate
Sheep in road
Sheep in road (Beware!)
The Old Post Office
Tolsta Chaolais
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